How To Know If You Need To Install A New Hiawassee GA AC Unit


  • Age

Most air conditioning units last for 10-15 years with appropriate maintenance. However, if your AC unit is approaching that age or has surpassed, it could be time to think about replacement. So, in that case, it would be appropriate to replace your AC unit with a new model rather than repairing it.

  • Ever-increasing energy costs

If it’s becoming costlier to operate your central air conditioning, increasing energy bills may not be necessarily the cause. Like any other device, the AC unit experiences a decline in efficiency as it gets older, leading to a rise in energy costs. As it approaches the end of its lifespan, an air conditioning unit loses its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) points, which equates to a 9% loss in its efficiency per point.

  • Weird Sounds

If you have noticed that your AC unit is of late making strange or loud noises, then there is something wrong with the device. These sounds are uncommon with a functional air conditioning unit and shouldn’t be mistaken with an ordinary sign of aging. 

According to their design, AC units are supposed to run at a hardly detectable noise level, and hence if your AC unit is persistently making strange or loud sounds, then it is time to replace it

  • Unpleasant odor

A foul smell stemming from your AC unit is an indication that something is faulty with your heating and cooling system. 

A properly functional AC unit should be producing clean, odorless air, but this isn’t the case when there is a problem. If your AC unit keeps producing foul odor even after repair, then the replacement remains the most effective solution.


Choosing The Best Home Cooling System


  • Helps you Choose the Perfect Air Conditioner

Several factors need to be taken into account before purchasing an air conditioner. Unfortunately, many people overemphasize cost neglecting other aspects. Besides price, other factors that need to be considered include the size of the home, air conditioner brands, quality of air, and more.

A professional AC technician keeps all these factors in consideration and then suggests the ideal air conditioning system. This is why it is essential to seek the services of an expert when purchasing an AC unit.

  • Indoor Air Quality

Besides providing cool air, AC units should give off quality air as well. Unfortunately, many homeowners end up picking the wrong model that denies them such a benefit.

However, with the help of a professional AC technician, you will be able to find an AC unit that suits your needs in addition to helping you find clean indoor air.

  • Helps You Pay the Right Price for a Given Model

Many AC unit dealers out there are unethical and are keen to exploit the buyers. Since you may not be familiar with various brands of air conditioning units and their prices, some dealers may take advantage of that to exploit you. However, with the aid of a professional AC technician, this won’t be the case since they are well-versed with the various brands and their respective prices. Also, they will help you to discern original models from the counterfeits hence saving you from this trickery. This ensures that the AC unit your purchase is the suitable model for you and comes at the right price.


Should You Fix Your Air Conditioner?

Replacing an AC unit is sometimes unnecessary, especially when the problems bedeviling it are minor. Repairing your AC unit is more sensible in such a case as it is less costly than replacing the entire unit. This also applies to AC units that are nowhere near the end of the lifespan. 

It’s important to note that every device becomes defective at some point, and therefore when the same happens to your heating and cooling system, it doesn’t necessarily warrant replacement. Instead, call an AC repair Hiawassee GA to fix the underlying problem and continue to enjoy the services of your AC unit alongside saving money on replacement.

How Often Does Your House Needs To Be Paint?

Have you been looking at your house lately and wondering when the time will come that it might need another gloss of paint to bring it back to that look it used to have when it was fresh and new? Houses get old, and with them, so do the painted walls. If your house has had the same paint job for the last ten years or more, it might be time to get it painted!

If your house has been around for a good while now, it may be time to consider getting a paint job. You’ll start to notice around your house parts of the paintwork have started to crack or fall away. Little chunks of paint can be gathering around the floor as it peels off. Also, if the paint is beginning to fade and doesn’t pop anywhere near like how it used to, it’s probably time to look at your options!

When Is The Time To Paint Your Exterior House?

The exterior of a house is the most obvious one that gets seen, both by yourself and by anyone who lives nearby or passes. Naturally, you’re going to want to have it looking as well done as possible. It should be done often enough to avoid ugly cracks and big gaps in the paintwork, so always keep a close eye on it if you think the ten-year mark is approaching.

Hiring a professional painter for a quote could be a good place to start. They’ll take a look at the exterior of your house for you and decide whether or not it’s time for you to paint it. They’ll give you a well-informed decision based on years of experience that they’ve had prior. You can take their word for it that they understand when a house needs a paint top-up.

If you hire a professional to decide for you, while it will cost you initially, you’ll find it saving you money in the long run too. They’ll only recommend a paint job if it’s necessary, so you won’t find yourself needlessly painting for no reason.

Maintenance Tips For Your Exterior And Interior House Paint

You should always keep on top of your house paint, both interior and exterior, to make sure your house looks as perfect as it could. As mentioned, the exterior is most commonly seen by the outside world. If you want to show that you’re proud of your house, then it needs a good paint job. Keep on top of the maintenance of the exterior to make sure it looks as good as it can all year round.

Likewise, with the interior, it’s the part of the house that you will pay most attention to and you’ll start to notice cracks and fades forming while you’re walking around it. Once you’ve noticed them, it might be a good idea to look into maintaining the paint and repainting it to get it back to its former glory.