About Us

The City of Point Arena is a small coastal city located on South Coast of Mendocino County, bordered to the west by the Pacific Ocean. The City has a land area of 864 acres and a population of roughly 450.

‚ÄčThe beauty of the surrounding area, easy coastal access at Arena Cove and the recent designation of the Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands as part of the California Coastal Monument make Point Arena a jewel of the Northern California land and seascape.

Highway One serves as Main Street where most businesses exist and many of the exciting community events happen, such as local art shows and the Annual 4th of July Parade. The Point Arena Pier provides ocean access to sport and commercial fisherman and hosts the Annual Harbor and Seafood Festival and 4th of July Fireworks.

With its wharf, monumental lighthouse and abundant natural beauty, Point Arena is a place that continues to draw in visitors. For its citizens, Point Arena is more than a wide place in the road. It is a unique place with unique flavor inhabited by unique people.

Point Arena has always been an independent place and that spirit still thrives today.

Phone Numbers
Home Phone Numbers
City Hall(707) 882-2122
Harbor & Pier(707) 882-2583
Wastewater Treatment(707) 882-2700
Mendocino County Sheriff(707) 964-6308
Redwood Coast Fire Protection District(707) 882-1833
Point Arena Schools(707) 882-2803
Coast Community Library(707) 882-3114